MSI Reservations Editor / Log Module!

We’re happy to announce a new Magento 2 module for editing (removing) reservations and viewing them in the admin!  This is essentially a mirror of all the active reservations complete with meta type that defines each entry such as M2Epro reservations, orders, shipments, quotes, etc.

As you know with MSI reservations for products, orders can be deleted or edited with custom modules that result in a variance of salable stock and source stock.   The only way to fix this is to be familiar with the MSI CLI commands or delete the entries from reservations tables in the database.  Not fun at all.  And if you’re a developer, you don’t want your clients doing these edits without proper training.

So we built this as a solution to solve the problem.  We plan to have this module and other unique modules available for purchase in our new shop August 2020.

Please contact us with any questions.