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About Us

About Us

Creative web-design

Our team can create a modern online presence utilizing your branding and color scheme to capture client interests and meet current best practices.

Back-end development

Our rare coins and collectibles admin gives you powerful yet simple tools to streamline your operation. But we also offer custom coding for unique options for your business.

Search optimization

Our top tier solutions offer built-in SEO optimization for rare coins and other categories providing accurate and direct search results for products and more!

Mobile Ready!

Why Magento 2?

Works on all platforms

Mobile-friendly responsive

The vast number of users browsing the internet using different mobile devices, tablets, and other devices, increases daily. Therefor it is very important for your site to render correctly across all devices.

Compared to average sites, your website will look perfectly on phones, tablets and PC’s. This will make it especially attractive in the eyes of the user.

Correct work in the popular browsers


There is no use to have a website that can’t be found using search engines. Our Websites are developed according to good practices and recommendations from the major search engines. 

Our work

Price & Plans

The YN * $ / Contact Us
  • Inventory Manager
  • Load Coins by Barcode
  • Barcode Labels
  • Automatic Cost Code
  • Invoicing & Customer Database
  • $199 Mo. Hosting & Support
  • * New Clients Only
  • * Some Restrictions Apply
  • * Admin Only / No Frontend
The Vest Pocket * $ / Contact Us
  • YN Specs +
  • Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Managment
  • PDF Sales Reports
  • PDF Product Reports
  • $299 Mo. Hosting & Support
  • * New Clients Only
  • * Some Restrictions Apply
  • * Admin Only / No Frontend
The Crackout * $ / Contact Us
  • Vest Pocket Specs +
  • PCGS Submission Module
  • CAC Submission Module
  • Virtual Warehouses
  • Grading Statistics Dashboard
  • $399 Mo. Hosting & Support
  • * New Clients Only
  • * Some Restrictions Apply
  • * Admin Only / No Frontend
The Veteran * $ / Contact Us
  • Crackout Specs +
  • Ebay Bridge M2EPro
  • Bulk Image Loader
  • Frontend Retail Site
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Dedicated Server Options
  • Optimized Category SEO
  • Automated Tax (Vertex)
  • Custom Design by Spec


Devin Hipp
Hipp Enterprises

The grading submission modules in your platform have saved me an enormous amount of time and effort, streamlining my operations.  Many thanks for that!

Phil Hinkleman
Eye Appealing Coins

It is truly refreshing to work with a company that fully understands the nuisances of our business. While the front end design is state of the art and appealing, the true value lies in the numerous admin tools. Business has never been better.

John Kraljevich

Digital Studio NW has taken my website, and my business, to a new level with excellent photography, fastidious website management, and quick personal service. Hiring them is one of the better business decisions I've ever made.

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We’re happy to announce a new Magento 2 module for editing (removing) reservations and viewing them in the admin!  This is essentially a mirror of all the active reservations complete with meta type that defines each entry such as M2Epro reservations, orders, shipments, quotes, etc. As you know with

Our Professional Imaging Services Wednesday, October 2, 2019

We offer professional imaging and custom graphic work for showcasing your client’s collections.   From posters to registry imaging, we do it all!  Banner ads, blog graphics, slides, books, and more! Here are some examples of our large format and other works: [Click on

Mass Product Order in the Admin via Barcode!!! Saturday, September 14, 2019

Our new module allows you to load your products to an order quickly via barcode scan(s).  See the magic happen below: